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  • Write a comment to stop the expansion of tar sands oil flowing across Minnesota

    Enbridge has applied for a Certificate of Need to increase the flow of the Alberta Clipper pipeline to 800,000 barrels per day (bpd), up from 570,000 bpd. The pipeline transports tar sands oil from Hardisty, Alberta across northern Minnesota to Superior Wisconsin, traversing three major watersheds in Minnesota. In Superior it connects to Enbridge’s ever expanding network to the East and Gulf Coasts. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will decide whether to allow this expansion, and is seeking public comments from across the state and region. This is your chance to write directly to the Administrative Law Judge, Eric Lipman, who will ultimately recommend approval or denial of the project. All comments will become part of the public record. Let’s submit a tsunami of comments to stop the expansion of tar sands oil across the Midwest!

  • LAST CHANCE: Tell President Obama & Secretary Kerry the People Say #NoKXL!

    On Friday, we will deliver public comments to the State Department from over 1 million people who demand Secretary Kerry and President Obama reject the pipeline that would mean “game over” for the climate.

    In order to defeat Keystone XL we need a People’s Review, a surge of people-powered activism to demonstrate the multitude of reasons we must stop this dangerous pipeline.

    Big Oil is pulling out every trick in the book to push through this disastrous pipeline, but so far people power has matched them every step of the way. It’s critical that in this final stretch we stand together and speak out louder than ever.

    Are you in? Submit your official public comment against Keystone XL before Friday’s deadline

  • Demand justice for West Virginians whose water has been poisoned

    West Virginia water deliveriesOver 300,000 West Virginians’ water was poisoned with chemicals from the coal industry — and now hundreds of people are sick.

    Water isn’t only being poisoned by these chemicals; there is a long history of water in West Virginia being poisoned by the coal industry; mountaintop removal has destroyed thousands of pristine streams, and there are dozens of toxic slurry dams across the state.

    West Virginia’s DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) has been captured by the coal industry, and can’t be trusted to ensure safe, clean, drinking water. We need OSM to step-in, terminate West Virginia’s ineffective mining enforcement program, and set-up a program that protects our water.

    Water in West Virginia is being poisoned every day, and another tragic spill like this could happen at any moment.

    The CARE Campaign, founded by concerned West Virginians, is petitioning the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement to terminate West Virginia’s mining enforcement program and implement a program that is accountable to the people of West Virginia. Demand President Obama’s OSM step-in and stand with West Virginians.

    “Exposure to the slurry of water and other chemicals formed after coal is washed would be more dangerous to human health than exposure to MCMH—and there have been numerous coal slurry floods and spills in West Virginia and U.S. history. That slurry is made far more toxic by the heavy metals and other dangerous elements leached from the coal itself.” - Scientific American (

  • Tell EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to reopen investigations into fracking-related water contamination

    Dimock, PA. Pavillion, WY. Parker County, TX.

    You might think these three disparate locations have nothing in common, but in fact, they share an infuriating bond. In each of these places the Environmental Protection Agency was investigating the impacts of groundwater contamination from fracking, and in each case the EPA suddenly put a halt to its investigation after pressure from the oil and gas industry.

    I’m from Scranton, PA a town just down the road from Dimock, where whistleblowers revealed that the EPA shut down its investigation despite its own preliminary findings (based on 4.5 years of data) that fracking had caused “significant damage” to drinking water.

  • I'm in against fracking

    President Obama's commitments on climate, Keystone XL and reducing pollution from coal are a big step forward -- but we cannot truly address the climate crisis and transition into a clean & just energy future by embracing false solutions. We need a U-turn on fracking, and it needs to start now.

    Our pressure pushed President Obama to lead on climate and take a stand against Keystone XL, and now we must push back on fracking and make it clear that we demand a just transition away from ALL dirty energy to a clean energy economy.

    In the coming weeks we're going to ramp up our organizing to do just that, but for this to be successful we need leaders like you to join us -- are you in?

  • Reject Keystone XL!


  • PNC: stop funding mountaintop removal and climate change

    Every year PNC Bank throws more money behind destructive mountaintop removal coal mining than any other bank in the county, but this April we can put a major dent in their efforts to level Appalachian communities for climate killing coal.

    In two weeks, on April 23rd, students and young people from Cleveland to DC will descend on PNC’s shareholder meeting in Pittsburgh to demand they divest from climate change and destruction.

    It’s time to ramp up the pressure and end business as usual. Sign the petition and demand an end to the destruction.

    Invest In People Not Coal
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  • Tell Duke Energy to Dump ALEC


  • Stand with Dustin: Call on US Attorney Booth Goodwin to launch investigation into police brutality

    Last weekend over 100 people in a courageous demonstration joined the Mountain Mobilization and successfully shut down the largest mountaintop removal coal mine in West Virginia, directly confronting the coal industry, and calling attention to this criminal practice.

    Over 20 people were arrested for their non-violent demonstration. Yesterday on his 21st birthday, Dustin Steele was released from jail with significant injuries. They tell us Dustin was removed from their cell and beaten by the West Virginia State Police. And 19 people are still held in jail on an outrageously high bail of $25,000.

    US Attorney Booth Goodwin and West Virginia Attorney General, Darrell McGraw have the ability to intervene and make sure justice is served. Join us in calling on them to immediately investigate reports of police misconduct and ensure the others held are fairly treated and have their bail dropped to a reasonable amount.

    Spread the Word!

    Please help raise the pressure by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter:

    Sample Tweet: Stand with Dustin: Call on US Attorney to launch investigation into police brutality #climateSOS #powershift #stopMTR

  • Pledge to Stop Doing Business With Bank of America

    Wall Street banks are trashing our economy and our environment in the name of their own profits. One of the biggest banks in the world, Bank of America, is the worst of the worst: Despite taking billions in taxpayer-funded bailout money, Bank of America announced fee hikes for customers who want to use their debit cards at the same time that the bank is laying off 30,000 employees. Bank of America is also the leading forecloser of Americans’ homes and the leading funder of coal projects that are polluting our communities and wrecking the climate.

    Now’s your chance to let Bank of America know that we won’t stand for its greed any longer. You'll have the opportunity after you sign the pledge to let us know why you're closing your account. We’ll take all of your pledges to stop doing business with Bank of America directly to bank executives.

  • We stand with MSU students, Stop the Spartan Green-washing

    Declaring your goal is 100% renewable energy while continuing to burn coal indefinitely is not being bold. It’s greenwashing, and we expect better from our colleges and universities.

    Today, Michigan State University’s Board of Trustee voted to approve an “Energy Transition Plan,” touting it as a major step forward to powering MSU with clean energy. However what the university is less vocal about is that Michigan State is home to the largest campus coal plant in the country, and this plan does not set a timeline to shut it down.

    Declaring your goal is 100% renewable energy while continuing to burn coal indefinitely is not being bold. It’s greenwashing, and we expect better from our colleges and universities.

    Right now, hundreds of MSU students are rallying on campus to demand the university make a real commitment to clean energy. Let’s flood MSU with letters to make it clear that we’ll stand with the students until MSU commits to retiring its coal plant.

    MSU students rally for a real commitment to 100% clean energy

    Spread the Word!

    Please help build the momentum to shut down MSU's coal plant by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter:

    Sample Tweet: .@MichiganStateU Burning coal is not a commitment to clean energy. Stop the Spartan Green-washing #powershift

  • No New Coal: Support the EPA's New Standards on Climate Pollution

    Take Action: No New Coal PlantsThe EPA has proposed a groundbreaking new standard that would, for the first time ever, limit carbon pollution from new power plants. Once approved, this new safeguard will effectively eliminate the ability to build any new coal plants in the United States.

    Let that sink in… no new coal plants in the United States.

    Take action today to support this historic rule and help end dirty energy as we know it.

    Spread the Word!

    Can you help get the word out and post this on Facebook and Twitter: "RT @energyaction: No new coal plants in the U.S.! Support @EPAgov's new standards on #climate pollution: #powershift"

  • 24 Hours to Tell Your Senators: No Keystone XL

    24 Hours to Stop Keystone XLBig Oil’s cronies in the Senate are trying to revive the Keystone XL pipeline — and we have 24 hours to stop it.

    The Senate could vote as early as Tuesday, and once again, people power is the only thing that can stop Big Oil. That’s why people and organizations across the country are uniting for a 24 hour blitz to send 500,000 messages to the Senate demanding they hold the line against Big Oil, and reject Keystone XL.

  • Stop the Most Environmentally Devastating Project in North America

    As soon as September, the Obama Administration will decide whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would funnel highly toxic tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, all the way across the continental U.S. to refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

    Pollution from tar sands extraction is already causing cancer hot spots in Northern Alberta's indigenous communities. Building the Keystone XL pipeline would double imports of toxic tar sands oil into the U.S., further fueling horrific extraction in Alberta, and threatening communities across the country with pipeline spills.

    President Obama has the final say. Call on him to reject Keystone XL and invest in clean, safe energy solutions.

  • Deadline August 4th: Tell the EPA You Support Strong Mercury Standards

    Deadline August 4th!

    Each year, America’s coal-fired plants spew hundreds of thousands of tons of mercury, arsenic, acid gases and other toxic chemicals which pose significant health risks to us all.

    Even in small amounts these extremely harmful air pollutants are linked to significant health problems such as cancer, heart disease, neurological damage, birth defects, asthma attacks and even premature death.

    Thankfully, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed the first ever limit on harmful mercury and other toxic air emissions from coal-fired plants.

    By requiring power plants to install widely available, proven pollution control technologies, the EPA’s new rule would significantly limit harmful pollutants protecting our health, our children, our environment, and even stimulate our economy.

    Polluters are fighting this rule and the EPA needs your help! The time for public comments ends August 4th - help us reach record numbers of comments in support of this rule before the deadlne!

    Help protect America’s health, wildlife, and economy by telling the Environmental Protection Agency you support strong limits on mercury and other toxic air emissions. Take Action today and send your comments to EPA!

  • Call on President Obama to preserve Blair Mountain

    Until recently Blair Mountain was listed as a national historic site, protecting it from coal mining and destruction. But Big Coal is moving in, and got it de-listed. President Obama can protect Blair Mounain by instructing his administration to re-list it on the National Historic Register.

    Build the Virtual March by calling on the Obama Administration to preserve Blair Mountain and inviting your friends to join.

  • Moms For A Power Shift


  • Invite President Obama to Stand With Us at Power Shift 2011

    This morning President Obama spoke at Georgetown University and laid out his vision for securing our energy future. Speaking directly to the students in the room, the President said, "We need you to dream big. We need you to summon that same spirit of unbridled optimism, that bold willingness to tackle tough challenges and see those challenges through that led previous generations to rise to greatness."

    President Obama, we are dreaming big and creating a major Power Shift across the country. We're launching local campaigns across the country create the 100% clean, equitable and safe energy economy that will power our future.

    Today, President Obama paid lip service to clean energy and spoke soaringly of a future powered by American Ingenuity. However, he reality doesn't match the rhetoric. Here’s the "vision" the President laid out today:

    • Increase domestic drilling and expedite new offshore drilling permits
    • Expand use of natural gas through dangerous hydrolic franking
    • A “clean energy standard” that includes coal and nuclear power
    • Last week, Secretary Salazar announced they will open public lands for 2.35 billion tons of new coal mining in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming

    We need you to dream big too, Mr. President.

    Stand with us to demand President Obama join us at Power Shift. We need to make the clean energy economy a reality, not a dream.

  • UPDATE: Koch Bros Hide From Joel - Challenge Dirty Money!


    Joel Francis, a student leader from California went to Wichita, Kansas to direcly challenge billionaire oilman Charles Koch. He hoped to debate the Koch Brothers on Prop 23, the deceptive ballot measure their bankrolling to wreck California's clean energy economy.

    Joel was greeted by an increased security presence and a cold rejection. The Koch Brothers continue to hide, but their dirty antics are beginning to be exposed.

    In the next week we must continue to expose dirty money, and mobilize the youth vote for clean energy on November 2nd. 

    1. Share Joel's update to continue to expose dirty money.

    2. Organize your own action to take on Big Oil in the elections:

    • Show that your community is standing up to dirty money: collect pledges to clean up politics and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.
    • Trick Out The Vote on Halloween: Gather 20 friends on or around Halloween to trick-or treat, knocking on doors to remind people to vote.
    • March to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2: Show people power by organizing a clean energy march to the polls. Be loud and proud when you vote.

    Already dozens of events are being planned. Find one below, or add yours to the map to show that young people are mobilizing for clean energy this election.

    Find an event below

    Register your own!

  • UPDATE: Koch Bros Hide From Joel - Challenge Dirty Money!


    Last week Joel Francis a student at Cal State Los Angeles stood up to Big Oil and challenged oilman Charles Koch to debate Prop 23 and the future of California's clean energy economy. 

    On Tuesday he went to Wichita, Kansas to directly challenge them at Koch Industries headquarters. How was he greeted? Increased security presence and a cold rejection.

    The Koch Bros are continuing to hide - we must expose their dirty antics and build a movement to clean up poltics.

    Sign below to say you stand with Joel and are voting to clean up politics on November 2nd. 

  • White House Goes Solar! Urge Obama to keep working.

    The Obama Administration just announced that they'll be putting solar on the White House!

    This is an important first step. Congratulate President Obama on this decision, and encourage him to continue working with us for more!

    On October 10th, we'll "Get to Work" at 6000 events around the world. Let's continue to build momentum for a truly clean and just energy future!

  • Sign the Power Vote Pledge For Clean Energy!


    Join thousands of young people across the country by signing this pledge to vote for clean and just energy.

  • Sign the Power Vote Pledge For Clean Energy!


    Join thousands of young people across the country by signing this pledge to vote for clean and just energy.

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    Demand bold climate legislationTell Your Elected Official About Your Local Clean Energy Leadership

    As the election season heats up, we've got to make sure candidates know what young voters are working for. Let's keep it up and continue to educate them about how they need to follow our lead.

    Young people are demonstrating leadership with innovative clean energy campaigns and its important everyone, especially our elected officials know about it. 

    What are you doing in your campus or community this fall? Tell your elected official!


    After you enter your zip code you will get a sample email that you can personalize for your member of Congress.

  • Demand A Permanent Ban On Offshore Oil Drilling

    It's been over a month and millions of gallons of oil continue to gush into the Gulf as a result of the BP drilling disaster.

    President Obama has called for a 6-month moratorium on new drilling. This is a positive step, but that's not enough: offshore drilling is dirty, dangerous, and the wrong strategy for a safe climate future for all.

    Call on President Obama and Congress to put a permanent ban on offshore oil drilling and stop lettting the dirty energy industry write our energy policy.

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  • Expose the dirty tactics of the polluters and demand that Congress stands with us
  • Please Lead

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  • Demand Bold Climate Solutions

    Thomas L. Friedman, the popular New York Times columnist, is telling the youth climate movement to “Play hardball or don’t play at all.”

    Take the first step. 

    Send a strong message to our President and Senators that we're here, we're watching, and we're ready for action. 

    Let them know that you demand bold, just, and science-based climate solutions, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

    Send a message to the President and your Senators 

    Note: You only have to fill in your name and information once to send all of these letters.

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    Demand bold climate legislationTell President Obama and Congress to Strengthen the American Clean Energy and Security Act

    The American Clean Energy and Security Act is moving through Congress, and we need to make it stronger.

    Dirty energy companies have been working hard to weaken this legislation.  They've outspent environmental groups 16 to 1 on lobbyists and managed to insert corporate giveaways, weaken reduction targets, and even challenge the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to protect the climate.

    Tell President Obama and Congress:

    1.   Build the clean energy economy: increase the Renewable Energy Standard.
    2.   Let the EPA do its job and regulate carbon emissions.
    3.   Make polluters pay for pollution and use the money to bolster clean energy job development and the protection of vulnerable communities at home and abroad.

    After you enter your zip code you will be presented with a sample letter that you can personalize and email to President Obama and Congress.

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