UPDATE: Koch Bros Hide From Joel - Challenge Dirty Money!

Last week Joel Francis a student at Cal State Los Angeles stood up to Big Oil and challenged oilman Charles Koch to debate Prop 23 and the future of California's clean energy economy. 

On Tuesday he went to Wichita, Kansas to directly challenge them at Koch Industries headquarters. How was he greeted? Increased security presence and a cold rejection.

The Koch Brothers continue to hide, but their dirty antics are beginning to be exposed.

In the next week we must continue to expose dirty money, and mobilize the youth vote for clean energy on November 2nd. 

1. Share Joel's update to continue to expose dirty money.

2. Organize your own action to take on Big Oil in the elections:

  • Show that your community is standing up to dirty money: collect pledges to clean up politics and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.
  • Trick Out The Vote on Halloween: Gather 20 friends on or around Halloween to trick-or treat, knocking on doors to remind people to vote.
  • March to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2: Show people power by organizing a clean energy march to the polls. Be loud and proud when you vote.

Already dozens of events are being planned. Find one below, or add yours to the map to show that young people are mobilizing for clean energy this election.

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